Tips on how to use imported polished water
- 2018-12-04-

    Imported polished waterProducts are characterized by cleaning molds and leveling molds, low volatility, used for mold polishing to make the mold surface smoother, suitable for resin products, plastic products, metal products polishing M-0164 Moderate cleaning agent. Anhui Trading Co., Ltd. teaches you how to use polished water.

1, No. 1th Mei-ray polished water has excellent grinding, used for rough, for post-sequence polishing to do a good interface treatment, evenly applied to the product surface or cast on the disc, polishing agent using medium speed use of polishing agent gradually dry, can add a little water, the process is completed with cotton wipe clean bag glazing treatment.

2, no. 3rd Mei-ray polished water can be used on the surface of the product to throw a highly clear gloss effect, unique formula is suitable for the removal of 1th polishing agent coarse. The residual defects left by polishing, the residue of the disc toss can also be easily clear that the chemical composition and all the optical demoulding wax exactly match.

3, 3# polishing agent fine throwing glazing, and 1# combination of the use of polishing effect is good. Evenly coated on the surface of FRP, the use of wool ball machine toss, the beginning of a little pressure, to show the brightness of high light is to reduce the pressure, lightly throw a high glossy surface.

Polishing water function: cleaning mold and leveling mold, oil wax, low volatility, and the abrasive agent is spherical, the operation of its research agent with its rubbing and gradually become smaller so attached to the sky mold above. It can not only mend the fine pinhole on the surface of the mold, clean the mixed oxide, but also prolong the service life of the die.

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