Characteristics of Samsung Demoulding Wax and how to use it
- 2018-12-04-

    Samsung Demoulding WaxThe model has Samsung 102, 104 demoulding wax, mainly used in FRP products demoulding, is the domestic application of a wide range of demoulding products! 102 for the general mold demoulding wax, completely pure palm wax mainly made of soft demoulding wax, with easy to smear, wipe, fast drying and separation and other characteristics, even after the smear interval for several hours before wiping will not have a dry hard to wipe the distressed 102 dosage of the province, after the smear of its stripping part will be slightly moist phenomenon.

Main features: Easy to operate, more demoulding times, good demoulding effect and can protect the mold and other characteristics. is the domestic application of a wide range of demoulding products!

How to use it:

1, with clean cotton cloth to rotate the wax evenly applied to the mold surface.

2After 15 minutes, wipe the hazy surface to the light with a clean cotton cloth.

3, when using the old mold, just wipe the demoulding wax once, you need to repeat three times if you use the new mold.

4, after the last wipe to the mold surface bright, need to be static more than 1 hours to use, in order to achieve the best demoulding effect.

Storage instructions:

1, products stored in the indoor cool dry and ventilated place, to avoid the sun and rain; ②: Stored in a 0c-35c environment at room temperature.

2, this product is only used in industrial areas packaging containers need to be properly handled in accordance with local environmental regulations.

3, the storage of the product has-set the term limit, please according to the use of the product and production date to make a judgment.

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