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LR Color pulp merchants tell you about the application of color pulp in industry
- 2018-12-04-

The color pulp is a semi-product made of pigments and fillers scattered in the lacquer material, todayLR Color PulpMerchants have a brief introduction to what color pulp is used in industry.

Waterborne Smear Coloring

General construction requirements, easy to wipe coating, long construction time, good coloring, after rubbing wood grain soft and distinct, can improve the added value of the product. The application of the product, with a cloth into a spiral wipe, the coloring agent into the wood fiber catheter, so that the brown eye fully filled, and then with a clean cloth along the direction of wood grain to wipe the surface clean, pay special attention to the groove part to clean thoroughly. Water-based coloring agent has a problem after drying is not easy to wipe off the large area of construction should pay attention to, you can consider adding the appropriate amount of water after spraying with a large caliber spray gun or brush evenly after rubbing the test. After wiping the product can be directly constructed water-based paint, if the upper layer is the use of solvent-based PU or NC paint, water-based colorants need to dry thoroughly to construction.

Waterborne Spraying Coloring

Wood coating in many processes require bottom spray color or surface repair, construction requirements are relatively simple, with spray gun direct spraying color repair, to according to the effect of the color plate requirements spraying in place can be, according to the use of pigment color pulp different, to achieve different construction results.

Water-based roller coating coloring

Factory assembly line operation often requires roller coating machine roller coloring, construction substrate for the large brown Eye (catheter) of wood, the main purpose is to highlight its texture effect.

Waterborne Immersion Coloring

General requirements for Wood has a good sealing, good permeability, uniform coloring, in order to reduce the construction of water-based bottom paint when the wood texture of the rising, reduce the late collapse of the coating problem.

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