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Chem-day Release agent merchants tell you about the characteristics of the release agent
- 2018-12-03-

The release agent is a functional substance between the mold and the finished product. BelowChem-Day Release agentMerchants give you a brief introduction to the release agent of the main characteristics of what?

When the demoulding is formed, the dimensions are accurate when forming uniform films with complex shapes.

The demoulding is of good continuity.

The appearance of the forming surface is smooth and beautiful, and does not lead to the adhesion of dust due to the brushing of the release agent.

Two times superior processability. When the release agent is transferred to the forming object, there is no adverse effect on electroplating, hot pressing mold, printing, finishing, bonding and other processed objects.

Easy to apply.

Heat resistance.

resistant to pollution.

Good forming, high production efficiency.

Good stability. When used with mating agents and materials, their physical and chemical properties are stable.

Non-flammable, low odor, low toxicity.

Theoretically, the release agent should have a large tensile strength so that it is not easy to polish when in constant contact with molded resins. This is especially true when there are abrasive mineral fillers or fiberglass reinforced materials in the resin. The release agent should be chemically resistant so that it is not dissolved when in contact with the chemical composition of different resins. The release agent should also have heat and stress resistance, not easy to decompose or wear; the release agent should be glued to the mold without transferring to the machined workpiece so as not to interfere with painting or other two machining operations.

The above isChem-Day Release agentThe content brought by the merchant! At the same time also welcome the majority of users call to inquire about ordering!