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Characteristics and parameters of Korean eagle sandpaper
- 2019-01-03-

    Korean Eagle BrandSandpaperRecommended for automotive abrasives, sheet metal, paint,The following small series to bring you a detailed understanding of the characteristics of Eagle water sandpaper and technical parameters what?

Coating repair, metal, non-metallic grinding. It has ductile Kraft paper as a backing and has a particularly durable coating. High quality silicon carbide abrasive and ductile Kraft paper are processed by high voltage electrostatic adsorption principle.NKC sandpaper for metal and non-metallic grinding has a super cutting force and perfect lines, NKC grinding sandpaper especially for bending grinding has a durable force, especially for automotive abrasives, sheet metal, paint, coating repair, metal, non-metallic, advanced grinding.

1,Particle size RangeP60-P3000

2,Suitable for manual wet grinding

3,can provide a high quality for rough surfaces

4,Recommended for the achievement of flat grinding textures

Technical parameters

Material  Silicon carbide

Value Adhesive  Full resin

Back base  B Weight Grade Kraft paper

Sand Planting Method  Electrostatic sand Planting

Paper Shape:230*280 (mm)

ColorBlack Grey

Applicable unit: Front and rear bumper of automobile Rear tail treatment for grinding; metal, non-metallic sheet metal.

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