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The difference between Samsung Demoulding Wax and release agent
- 2018-12-03-

Demoulding Wax in the industry commonly used in No. 8th, 333#,Samsung Demoulding Wax, they all belong to solid demoulding wax. And the release agent belongs to the liquid agent, below to see what they are specific different.

Advantages: Low cost, 3-5 times the number of demoulding, suitable for small batch FRP production, gypsum mold and cement mold pores larger mold using demoulding wax is more appropriate; At present, the industry's most used demoulding products are still dominated by them.

Semi-permanent release agent: commonly used in the industry: PMR mold release agent and other brands of liquid release agent.

Advantages: Many demoulding times, high brightness, less transfer, simple operation, wipe can be, suitable for large-scale FRP products production and large quantities of FRP products.

FRP products are widely used products are: Auto parts, cooling towers, artificial marble, boats, wind power, large flat plate and so on.

Semi-permanent release agent: Recommended Chem-day release agent.

Advantages: A semi-permanent waterborne release agent designed for epoxy prepreg and phenolic prepreg, with minimal transfer, high temperature stability, high temperature wear resistance and multiple demoulding, in high temperature hot pressing molding has excellent significant.

The main raw materials for demoulding wax are made of paraffin, such as heating 58th semi-refined paraffin, non-ionic paraffin microemulsion NMP water to more than 75 degrees, stirring evenly, that is, demoulding wax. or use cationic paraffin micro emulsifier cmp emulsified paraffin to make demoulding wax.

    Demoulding wax belongs to the category of release agent, there are many things that can do release agent. For example, waste oil waste oil emulsifier OE-100 water, stir evenly, can do mold release agent. Oil-coated waste oil emulsifier EEO Oil-coated diesel emulsifier Edo Oil-coated aquatic animal Oil emulsifier EAP and so on, emulsifying the corresponding oil, can be made into a release agent.

The above is about the demoulding wax and release agent of the difference between the content, at the same time welcome everyone to inquireSamsung Demoulding WaxProduct ordering.