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Ship Plate 333 Wax product Performance
- 2018-12-04-

Demoulding Wax in the FRP industry is still the traditional use of mold release agent, used in mould making or FRP products processing, is a simple, economical and effective mold release materials. Xiao Knitting to introduce to you todayBoat Plate 333 WaxPerformance of the product.

Product Performance:

1, 333# advanced Mold wax using brazilian-native palm wax synthesis, excellent quality, unique formula, one application can be multiple demoulding.

2, simple to use, less dosage, easy to remove film

3, to provide high gloss surface effect range: Cleaning mold and leveling film tools, used in automotive polishing, artificial marble, tub sanitary ware, FRP, resin, copper steel aluminum iron and other mold demoulding.

How to use it:

1, with a clean soft cloth (preferably cotton cloth) in a rotating way to apply the wax evenly to the mold surface.

2, 15 minutes later, and with clean cotton cloth will gradually wipe the surface of the paste to the light.

3, when used in the old mold, just wipe the demoulding wax once, if used in the new mold will need to repeat three times. 4, the last wipe to the mold surface light, to static more than 1 hours can be used, in order to achieve the best demoulding effect.

    Storage conditions:

1, stored in a cool, ventilated place, isolating heat sources.

2, which must be sealed and preserved after opening.

3, Validity period: 3 years.

The above is aboutBoat Plate 333 WaxProduct performance related content, Anhui Hongda Trading Co., Ltd. welcomes the majority of users to inquire about ordering products.