Korean Eagle Sandpaper

Korean Eagle Sandpaper

Product Details

Product Name: Korean Eagle Sandpaper

Product Brand: Eagle Brand

Product Granularity: 180/240/320/400/600/800/1000/1200/1500/2000

Product Color: Black
Product Advantages:
The use of imported Finnish paper, high-quality silicon carbide and imported resin refined processing, with high wear resistance sharp, the effect is 3-5 times the general sandpaper
Scope of application: artificial, flooring, automotive beauty industry, etc.

UseSuitable for body grinding or grinding of hard surface, Iron and steel, the back paper through anti-skid treatment, abrasive and sheet buckling is excellent.

Back paperLatex Paper Back, suitable for the industry that requires hand grinding. Paper is particularly soft, not to invade the water and then use the trouble.

AbrasiveExcellent abrasive through strict electronic sieveTo ensure that the abrasive-Sexual and durability.

Smear paddlePaper passing by"Anti-skid" processingThere will never be a slippery hand when grinding. Paper is not wrinkled in hot and cold water or soap and lubricant.