230 Rubber clothes

230 Rubber clothes

Product Details

Product Name:230 Rubber clothes(230B plastic \230s rubber Coat)

Production site: Japan

Product Specifications: See in kind
Product Color: See packaging
Product Size: 18 kg/barrel

Product Description:NoColor, does not contain the promotionIntake AgentHighThixotropySex, benzene type unsaturated polyester glassSteel AdhesiveClothingTreeFat.RightGlassSteel productionProducts have a durable anti-aging, becauseForHigh waterproof performance, EspeciallyHotWater.

Features: resistant to seawater erosion, high impact, strong adhesion in the vertical surface.

Chemical composition:GC-230GlueThe main of the garmentLearnINGREDIENTS areStyrene, PhenylanhydrideMaleic anhydrideAnd two of the atmosphereSilicon.

Uses: Boat 殻, FRP mold, bath tub, combination house and so on.