Boat Plate 333 Wax

Boat Plate 333 Wax

Product Details

Product Name:Boat Plate 333 Wax

Production site: United States
Product specification: 412g/can Blue

Product Color: Blue Solid

Product Size: 12 cans/box

[Product Performance]

1, the ship brand 333# advanced mold by the Brazilian origin of Palm wax synthesis, excellent quality, unique formula can be applied multiple times demoulding;

2, the use of simple dosage less, easy to remove the film

3, to provide high gloss surface effect

[How to use]

1, with a clean soft cloth (preferably cotton) in a rotating way to apply wax evenly to the mold surface

2, 15 minutes later, use clean cotton cloth to gradually wipe the surface of the paste to the light

3, when used in the old mold, just wipe the demoulding wax once, if used in the new mold will need to repeat the

4, the last wipe to the mold surface light, to be static for more than 1 hours before you can use, in order to achieve the best demoulding effect

[Storage conditions]

1,Store in a cool, ventilated place, isolating heat sources;

2, after the use of Kaifeng must be sealed and preserved.