Mei-Ray No. 8th Wax

Mei-Ray No. 8th Wax

Product Details

Product Name:American Light 8th demoulding Wax

Production site: United States

Product Specification: 311g/tank

Product Color: Yellow solid
Product Specification: 12 cans/box

"Product Performance"

1, Yellow Solid

2, simple to use, less dosage, easy to remove film

3, to provide high gloss surface effect

"Product usage"

Release agent, mold melt wax, specially used for fiber glass

"Product Features"

M-0811 advanced die wax is synthesized from Brazilian-native palm wax, with excellent quality and stability, and a unique formula can be applied multiple times

Release. Simple to use, less dosage, easy to remove film, and can provide high gloss surface effect.

"Scope of Application"

Suitable for all kinds of hand paste FRP products and artificial stone resin pouring and other products. It has good demoulding effect on unsaturated resin, epoxy resin and vinyl ester resin.

"How to use"

1, with a clean soft cloth (preferably cotton) in a rotating way to apply wax evenly to the mold surface;

2, 15 minutes later, and with clean cotton cloth will be the surface of the paste gradually wipe to the light;

3, when used in the old mold, just wipe the demoulding wax once, if used in the new mold will need to repeat three times;

4, the last wipe to the mold surface light, to static more than 1 hours can be used, in order to achieve the best demoulding effect.

"Important health and environmental data"

PH@700F: Not applicable

Flash point:(0F), 66 (℃) detection method: Pmcc-astm D93-90

Boiling point:365 (0F), 185 ℃)

Water soluble: Non-dissolution

Steam Density >1

Volatile rate 1

VOC content: 48% max



Original Tank room temperature storage

Incompatible Products: do not mix with acids and oxides.