Samsung 104 Demoulding Wax

Samsung 104 Demoulding Wax

Product Details

Name: Samsung Demoulding Wax (104)

Product Brand: Samsung, USA 

Type ResolutionTR-104 High Temperature demoulding wax

Heavy Amount397 g/Can

Production Land: United States 

Yan Color: White Solid 

Rules Grid12 cans/carton

"Product Profile"

TR-104 is a solid demoulding wax consisting of high quality refined Brazilian palm wax mixed with other high-temperature synthetic materials and petroleum fractions, and its smear and demoulding properties are as convenient as TR-102. This product should be after the smear after the dry and then wipe.

The main ingredient of TR-104 is hard palm wax.

"Product Features"

1, easy to use, easy to remove. can stand on it for a period of time, and easy to polish and wipe

2, for the hard film to provide superior high temperature and chemical properties

3, can be thrown to a high degree of gloss without producing stripes

4. Reduce the accumulation of wax and styrene

Physical properties

Drying time: 5-10 minutes under the 72°f. It will change depending on the operating temperature.

The melting point or softening point of the wax: 185°f-210°f (85°c-99°c)

Indentation Hardness: 1 (Brazilian palm Wax) under the °c

Yan Color: Light blue color (color code easy to identify)

"Product usage"

As all FRP molds, rich beauty homes, metal molds and other hard surface molds composite molding release agent.

1, open mold hand paste molding or spraying molding

2, resin transfer/injection (resin transfer molding) & (Resin injection molding) (RTM) & (RIM)

3, vacuum bag and compression molding

4, Polyester and epoxy resin

Attention: Check the adaptability of thermal curing molding and high temperature curing molding above 210°f (85°C).

"Product Application"

For new or refurbished molds, it is recommended to use our sealer glaze before taking waxing steps for additional demoulding, gloss and mold service lifeTR-301. Apply wax with a sponge in a thin, uniform circular motion on the mold surface. Able to polish and wipe to appear glossy after fog drying (about 5-10 minutes).

For new or refurbished molds, use at least6 layers of wax, after polishing wipe, two times with wax interval need to wait 30-60 minutes to make it hardened. If the wax is coated, the mold is allowed to be placed for one night, and the final dewaxing layer is applied before the gel coating the next day, and the best results are obtained. Then use a layer of wax on the 2-3 dewaxing parts first. Then determine how many components can be produced effectively before they need to be re-waxed. This will depend on molding conditions, structures, resins, molding cycles, effective handling of gel coatings and other factors.