Samsung 102 Demoulding Wax

Samsung 102 Demoulding Wax

Product Details

Product Name:Samsung Demoulding Wax(102)
Product Brand: Samsung, USA

Type ResolutionTR-102

Heavy Amount397 g/Can

Production Land: United States

Yan Color: White Solid

Rules Grid12 cans/carton

"Product Profile"

TR-102 for the general mold demoulding wax, completely pure palm wax mainly made of soft demoulding wax, widely used in FRP products demoulding.

"Scope of Application"

Suitable for all kinds of hand paste FRP products and artificial stone resin pouring and other products. It has good demoulding effect on unsaturated resin, epoxy resin and vinyl ester resin.

"Product Features"

TR-102 advanced die wax is synthesized from Brazilian-native palm wax, with excellent quality and stability, and a unique formulation can be used multiple times for demoulding. Easy to operate, less dosage, easy demoulding, more demoulding times, good demoulding effect and can protect the mold, provide high gloss surface effect and other characteristics, is a wide range of domestic applications of demoulding products.

"Product Advantages"

Samsung Demoulding wax for excellent old brand, compared with other similar demoulding wax brands, mainly has the following advantages:

① High brightness: TR-102 brightness average is: 90.08GU, other sibling brands are: 67.0GU

② wax After waxing does not need to wipe immediately, waxing solvent evaporation, mold surface will remain white powder, easy to identify whether the mold has a complete waxing;

③ quality soft, waxing area, heavy weight, dosage than the same class demoulding wax products to save;

④ has the characteristics of easy smear, wipe, fast drying and separation, and even after applying intervals of several hours before wiping will not have the distress of dry hard and difficult to wipe;

⑤ reduces the accumulation of wax and styrene, polishing and grinding without tattoos;

⑥ Protection Mold: Die for a long time, can be used TR-102 Shimo on the mold surface, can achieve the effect of protecting the mold, the next use before the use of EC-106 or acetone cleaning, wiping, mold protection such as new.

"How to use"

① uses a special sponge to rotate the wax evenly on the mold surface;

② 15 minutes later, and then with clean cotton cloth will be the surface of the misty paste gradually wipe to the light;

③ when used in the old mold, just wipe the demoulding wax once, if used in the new mold will need to repeat three times;

④ last wipe to the mold surface bright, to be static for more than 1 hours before use, in order to achieve the best demoulding effect.

"Storage Conditions"

① stored in a cool, ventilated place to isolate heat sources.

② must be sealed and preserved after use in Kaifeng